Some Common Problems with iPad 3

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When I purchased my iPad 3 I was sure that I would take such care of my great device that I would never have to visit any repairing centre with it. However in a course of just 3 years due to different incidents I had to go to iPad repair shop again and again. There are certain problems which are not in our hand and certain problems occur just due to our negligence. Some of the reasons why repairing my iPad 3 was necessary are

Problems with iPad 3

Different problems that we the users of iPad 3 faces are

• Sometime the iPad may fall off our hands and thus the screen may break or even the LCD may also get destroyed. Under such situation there is no other option other than visiting a service centre that would repair the LCD of the iPad 3.

• Many times our precious iPad 3 may slip off our hand and fall into water. There are certain things which we may do in order to soak the water from the device. However, it is always advised to get it serviced from a recognised repairing centre.

• There are some issues where we do not have any option in our hands in relation to any problem with the device. Such as problem with home button, volume buttons, headphone jack and many such parts.

• Sometimes the camera in the device may not work properly and then the device has to be given in a repair store.

Resolving the problems

Whatever be the problem any good service centre who repairs iPad 3 can easily resolve the problems and we can get our device back in working condition very easily. What we have to keep in mind is that they should be handling these problems more often so that our iPad 3 does not become their guinea pig.


How To Replace iPad 3 Cracked Screen At Home

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Cracking of screen is a common problem for iPad 3 devices. I have also faced same problem earlier due to mishandling of the same. There are two solutions to resolve the problem on immediate basis. One is to find out a professional who can replace the screen and other is to change the same by self.

Recently I have changed the screen of my iPad. It is not a tough task to do. Just to arrange some specific tools to complete the work. Below I am describing how anyone can replace the cracked screen with a new one at home.
As iPad 3 is technically most complicated, to open the same some specific tools are required. A double zero screwdriver is suited perfectly to open iPad 3. There are some other things which are needed to complete the job. Metal spudgers, iPad adhesive kit, hit gun and replacement digitizer is the main tools to have before starting the job.

After gathering of all the tools mentioned above, it is required to switch off the iPad.

Handling the Sensitive Parts

Other than iPad digitizer, there are several sensitive parts like cellular antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, digitizer cable etc., which should be handled very carefully otherwise it may ruin the whole process. These all sensitive parts should be removed from the iPad eventually and so gently.

Removing of Cracked Screen

This is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. Here the screen should be removed from the adhesive. Using of hit gun here is so important to separate the screen from the adhesive. It is advisable to start the heating process from the bottom left corner of the iPad and also to keep safe distance so that it will not effect to the iPad.

After separating the screen completely from the frame, cut off the digitizer cable. The LCD screen will also to remove after disconnecting the ribbon cable.

Replacing the New one

This is the final process to replace the digitizer. Here the screen should be placed flat on the surface and insert the LCD in between. After that it is also important to reconnect all the cables very carefully. There will be a snapping sound which will indicate that all the parts are assembled correctly.
So if anybody wants to get replaced the cracked screen of his iPad by himself, it is not a tough task. Just a little bit concentration is required to do the same.

If you think this is too complicated then you can get your iPad 3 screen repaired at Get it Repaired Ltd.


Steps to Be Followed before getting iPad 3 Repaired

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Most of the people are proud of their iPad 3 because there are several features which are not included in any other devices rather than iPad 3. I am also proud to have my own iPad 3. But it is necessary to be repaired by iPad Repairs if found some problems arising on it on immediate basis. Before going to repair the iPad, some steps should be followed by everyone.

Diagnostic Test

First of all it is mandatory to avail this feature before giving any iPad 3 to be repaired. It will automatically detect whether there is any necessity to get repaired or not. After turning off the device, turning on it after some time, it will automatically detect, if there is any need to get repaired from a professional service provider or not. There are also some problems which have no need of such tests, like scratch on the body, cracking of touch screen etc.

Warranty Status

It is most important part to check before giving any iPad 3 to get repaired. If the problem arises within the warranty period, then it is possible to be getting repaired with free of cost or with a discounted rate by the iPad service centers.

If found that the iPad 3 is not in the warranty period, then it is advisable always to get it repaired by the service centers rather than replacing it with a new one. Repairing is always a cheapest way to give a new look to the iPad 3. It also gives a good result in the long run.

Searching a good service provider

It is the most important part to verify the quality of the service provider before giving the iPad to them for iPad repairs. There are several service provides around the world. The best option to search for the best service provider over the world is online option. I have found over internet thousands of service providers for my iPad 3. Before giving the iPad to any of them, it is mandatory to verify their authenticity first. First of all going through the websites of the service providers is very important. Here their address, location, experience of their professionals all should be mentioned.

Every service provider claims that he is the best service provider. It is important to go through the reviews by the customers given on the web. I have got so much help by reading these reviews. It was helped me to search for the right service provider over internet who can give me the satisfaction which I was searching for.

Costing for service

After short listing some service provider, it is also important to verify their service rates. I always try to find out the right one who is giving the right service within my affordability and of course reasonable. As there are so many services provides who are giving service with some duplicate spare parts, be aware of them and try to verify whether they are using the original or duplicate spare parts.

Delivery Procedure

Most of the service providers around the world use some renowned couriers to get the iPad 3 for repairing purposes. There are several services like, same day service, one day service etc. Here the courier company is as important as the delivery procedure is totally depends upon them. Always try to have a good renowned courier service who can give the same day service. I always prefer to have renowned couriers to send my iPad 3 to the service providers.
As I always try to research before giving my iPad repairs, I found profit in regards of services. I have get back always within the time period mentioned by the service provider after getting it repaired properly.


Repair your iPad 3 for Any Problem

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One of the most sophisticated devices that I have owned till date is iPad 3. Maintenance of such a delicate device is very crucial and one needs to be very careful with them. However, although we are being careful, sometimes we find that the volume buttons are not working or some other time we may find that the camera is not properly working. For nay such problem we need to visit ant repairing centre that can repair our iPad 3.

Things to search in a repairing centre

As iPad 3 is a delicate tablet by Apple we need make sure that the repair centre has the following qualities
• They have Apple approved technicians who would work on our iPad 3
• The delivery time of the tablets should not be too much. They must take time which is valid for repairing any particular problem.
• Must give genuine Apple parts if there is need of replacement of any part.

Why not Apple stores for repairing?

It may be question that when we need Apple approved technicians then isn’t it better to go to nay Apple store for repairing the iPad 3? We may go to apple stores however, as there is always rush from different users, there would be heavy queue there. Then the charges too would be a bit high.